Fate of the True Empress

Chapter 3-2: An End to the Haunting

The poltergeist is the spirit of a man bounded in a haunted straitjacket, his corpse bundled up behind a cell, and the malevolent spirits in the jacket is also summoning the other vengeful spirits to the scene. Gabyrs manages to sneak up to the corpse, and releases the catch on the jacket. The jacket slips off the corpse, and then immediately begins to try to latch onto Gabyrs! The rogue twists out of the way, and the jacket falls onto the floor, inert.

The spirit that is freed appears to the party, and advises them to check out the workshop. There the ghost of Arinaa* Hawkran appears, and explains to the party what has happened. When the riot happened, she slipped into the prison to find her husband, and went into hysteria when she learnt that he was trapped downstairs. The guards, for her safety, locked her into the workshop. When the prison went up in flames, the guards escaped and in their apparent haste, forgot about Arinaa.

For the past few decades, her husband had been keeping the spirits of Harrowstone in check; however his influence was weakening, till one day (she’s not sure when, for according to her, "Time has no meaning for me, today flows into yesterday, yesterday into today, all the days are the same unto me.), a young scholar entered the prison ground and performed a ritual. Then she felt the ‘wall’ that kept the vengeful spirits at bay strengthening.

However, a few days ago, a group of strange men appeared at Harrowstone, and walked about its edge, inscribing runes onto the ground, their preparation leading to a ritual, which at its end, whisked away the spirit of her husband, Warden Hawkran. With her husband gone, the restraint placed on the spirits began to weaken, and even though Arinna does her best to fulfil her husband’s duties, she isn’t strong enough.

Koaxia the Cleric wants more than just keep the spirit at bay; he wishes to exorcise them for once and for all. Arinna tells them of a way – the five strongest spirits in the prison are contending against her will, and if the party is able to defeat them, and bring Arinna a symbol of the Warden’s power over the prison, she would be able to cleanse Harrowstone of its curse. The party decides that this is a sound plan.

Arinna informs the party that the properties of those five prisoners are locked away in the Property Room, and there they may find the means to defeat them.

To be continued

Finding the Keystone

Speak with Items

Songs from an Ill Marsh

Contrary Clockworks

Putting Back the Pieces

Catch Me If You Can

The Last Spells of the Splatter Man

A Mystery Man and His Bone Dragon

1. In the original Harrowstone adventure, the Warden’s wife has a much longer name. Her name acts as a sort of ‘timer’ – if the Splatter Man manages to spell out her name on the vandalised monument (back from 3.1), the spirits will be free. Originally her name is Vesorianna, which gives the party about 10 days to unravel the mystery. But my party is too experienced (in terms of character, and in terms of playing RPGs!) to let things drag that long. Hence the shortening.



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