Fate of the True Empress

Chapter 3: The Haunting of Harrowstone, session 2

GM’s note: Text that are in italics means additional detail added which may be helpful for context and wasn’t go into during the game itself. Those details will be clarified at the start of the next session…

With the funeral finished, the party returned to Kendra’s townhouse. Lannor arrived with Yassar, a ranger and bounty hunter, and said Artimus sent Yassar because he thought that the party would need help. “And it’s must be very bad if Artimus actually sends help,” she finished, before leaving.

Shortly after the burial of Professor Petros, there was a commotion among the townsfolk where it was discovered a monument dedicated to Warden Hawkran and the prison guards were vandalised. Someone has drawn the letter ‘A’ in blood on the monument.

Alexius remembered that there used to be a certain Professor who thought someone’s name can be harnessed for magic, and that whoever did the act is within 10 miles of the town. Koaxia decided to go the temple to determine who was responsible for the vandalism. He sent Yassar to obtain material components from the apothecary. A lady’s name Jomindar, she initially refused to sell the ingredients for the rituals as she insisted that she only sell merchandise with “medicial properties only”. Yassar managed to convince her. With the material components, and a liberal usage of Spirit of the Righteous, Koaxia discovered that it was an old man with a limp, who sleepwalked up to the monumental and vandalised it. Yassar later conducted investigation that concluded it was Gibs. The next night they convinced the sheriff to stake out

The Unfurling Scroll
Tracking the lost report, Gabrys made his way the Unfurling Scroll, and there he discovered three of the Reavers’ men at the school-house. Together with Hayate and Sethren (with Kendra hanging back), they took down those men and from questioning Aludren, found out that those men were here to kidnap the children. Sensing that Aludren was not telling the complete truth, Gabyrs and Hayate pressed on the questioning and unearthed that he was once laundering money for the Reavers’ gangs, and decided to wash his hands off and moved on. The Reaver suspected that the man is holding onto a ledger from 10 years back but Aludren denied him. Hayate found it in the principal’s room. While there, Hayate also craved a symbol of the Merchant Prince at Aludren’s compound to protect him. Who’s to know if this act is for good or for weal.

The Will
On the second night at Ravengro, the party had Petros’ will read to them. He entrusted the party with a number of rare and valuable books, and the key to his trunk. Opening the trunk, the party discovered that Petros’ journal was left in there. In circled entries in the journal, Alexius and Sethren realized that the professor has used a Keystone fragment for a warding ritual at Harrowstone Prison, to keep the restless spirits in. He was intending to return to the prison to find a permanent solution to the spirits when he met his end at some individuals who were performing nercomantic rituals near there. The will also mentioned a cache of items at a False Crypt in the graveyards. The party found those cache, but were attacked by Corpse-Eater Centipedes.

Researching Harrowstone
Interesting details unearthed:

  • Five important prisoners were at Harrowstone before the fire happened. They are – the Splatter Man, he Mosswater Marauder, Father Charlatan, Illmarsh Piper and the Looper.
  • Warden Hawkran and all his guards perished in the fire. When his wife, Arianna went to find her husband at the prison, she never returned. It’s believed that she died there too.
  • The Piper was believed to have a flute that was enchanted by the Fey
  • The Splatter Man can be damaged if his spellbook is damaged in his presence (nearby range)
  • The entire eastern wing of the prison has caved in from the fire.

To Harrowstone
On the way to Harrowstone, the party was trapped in a pocket dimension in the swamps. The personification of the ritual is a Hydra, which in the end succumb to the party’s onslaught. At Harrowstone, Yassar investigated a burnt-out manor house, and it happened to belong to the Warden. Inside the crumbling building, Yassar found a portrait belonging to Hawkren and his wife, Arianna. Yassar managed to get it out before the building collapsed. They hid it somewhere safe.

Inside Harrowstone, the party encountered a type of ghosts called Whisperers. They managed to quell the restive spirits. In the warden office, Gabrys found a safe which has 6 healing potions and a pouch of 500 gold, which should be the payroll. There’s a register of guards inside the safe too.

The party was exploring the infirmary when a poltergeist appeared…



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