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How I got involved with the Judge:

After completing my ranger training, I took up my first job in Aegis to hunt down a notorious criminal believed to be directly associated to a reaver mastermind. The manhunt notice was published in the local tavern by the Judge cult and a huge bounty was upon the criminal’s head. After gathering basic information from one of their members regarding the description of the said criminal, I was on my way to complete my quest.

How I got involved with the World Shaper:

After gathering information from various sources, I narrowed my search to an artifact smuggling operation run by a shady organization. Eventually I managed to obtain a tip off from a suspicious hooded guy I met in a random tavern. The hooded guy along with a few of his hooded subordinates offered their help in the capture of the same criminal I was tasked to eliminate. Being inexperienced at that time, it seems to me that those guys were from a different department of the Judge cult and thus I naively agreed to take up their offer. Unknown to me, I was being watched by a real member of the Judge cult.

How I got involved with the Reaver:

We set off to a forest which was believed that the convoy carrying smuggled artifacts would pass through. After determining our ambush position, we waited for the night. As predicted, a convoy of a couple of wagons with a dozen men headed our way. Under the faint moonlight I was able to make out my intended target. But alongside, I saw a familiar feature. Telash, he was my senior in ranger training. But now he is leading the convoy with his keen knowledge of the terrain. Before I could make any sense of the situation, arrows whizzed past me. Telash with his keen sense, noticed us before we even made our attack and gave a warning signal to the convoy. A dramatic battle ensued. In the midst, I was exchanging blows with Telash while the hooded guys manage to take down most of the smugglers and later on left the scene after rummaging through the wagons. Before long, only both of us were left. We called for a truce and learned from Telash his reason to join the Reavers was to repay a life debt he had owed to a notorious reaver warlord. He was saved after he fell from a cliff during one of his training escapades. Before we parted, we sweared to take each other out if we ever meet again. Telash made off with one of the wagons.

After surveying the scene, I managed to recover the body of my quarry. I loaded the body onto the other wagon and hastily made my way back to the Judge cult quarters. In the end, I was denied payment as I was reportedly being accused of being in cahoots with the Reavers. Drama ensued after negotiation fails. I escaped to the nearby woods and manage to stay undetected for days. Relying on my hunting skills, I was able to live off the land.

That one unique thing:

During one of my hunting trips, I accidentally stumbled upon a cave. Unknown to me, I accidentally released a seal after tripping over a ritual item. The next thing I saw was a couple of red glow and a sudden black out. I awoke again to find myself being controlled. It felt like a dream. I was running through the forest at breakneck speeds, terrorising peasants and consuming livestocks raw. While eating I saw a faint figure in a distance field. The figure muttered some arcane language as he approaches and slowly, I lost conciousness.

How I got involved with the True Empress:

He introduced himself as Artimus when I awoke from limbo. His physique look somewhat different from that figure who had put me to sleep. I finally understood how it felt like when Telash was saved. I am now indebted to him. Artimus told me he served for the True Empress and would need a ranger help to eliminate a monster who has been terrorising a frequently used path in the woods….

Yasser Al-Muhalid

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