Beggar King

The Beggar King is a spider of many webs; he has spies and agents in every major cities and ports, and his informants brings him valuable information and news. He trades secrets for favours and likewise, favours for secrets, all for the purpose of protecting the weak and defenceless from the mighty and powerful.


As his namesake implies, the Beggar King works mainly through the lowest class of citizens – beggars, slaves, orphans, urchins and thieves. While the Reaver’s Thief Guilds may be the ‘governing body’ of thieves, the Beggar King has mustered a notable opposition movement. In the Beggar King’s employ, thieves steal from the rich to give to the poor, charlatans lie to save lives and spies disclose the secret plans of the princes and rulers. Thieves with honour best describe the Beggar King’s allies.


To be friendly with the Beggar King and his organization is to know the way of crime, and the secret ways of cities. While the forces of the Reaver tend to treat the shady districts as their own turf, lumbering through the streets and roads, the Beggar King’s little rats stick to the twisting alleyways, the treacherous roof-top and the stinking cellars, beneath notice and unobserved until it is too late.

The Beggar King’s information traders largely ply the markets with political and commercial secrets. An outright advantage usually means you can get the information you need without much hassle, while an ambiguous one usually implies that another secret is required to obtain the secret that you want. Or favours, if you can do what they ask of you.

In every city or small town, there is likely to be a hideout for those friendly with the Beggar King — if you are conflicted with him, you may or may not be welcomed, depending on your Icon roll, but you can’t tarry there for too long.


Those who are involved with the affairs of the Beggar King will also be familiar with those of his enemies – the Merchant Prince and the Reaver, for one. Both his enemies have connections with the rich nobles of Vjantos and Aegis, hence your Beggar King relationship boon could applies to knowledge of those movers and shakers, and how the Merchant Prince and Reaver operates. Example: Perhaps while robbing someone in this town, you happen to know which rich merchant would have a rare ingredient you need for a certain ritual…

Skills & Knowledge

The Beggar King is the Master of Rogues; those who associate with him or fight against him is likely to get a schooling on how it is to be a criminal.


Sneak attacks, using traps and other devious means of inflicting pain and injury. The Beggar King’s rats aren’t as well-armed as the Reaver, but they are a lot more cunning. You may spend your relationship boon for Feats of Valour involving sneak attacks, feints, tricking enemies in combat, using traps and using poisons. Being usually under-armed, agents of the Beggar Kings often have to make do with improvised weapons.

Beggar King

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