Dragon Tyrant

The Dragon Tyrant was the Barbarian King of the Norgandar, the Dragon King and the Overlord of the Vast North. When the ancient dragon known as the Devourer awoke, the Tyrant was driven out of his own domain. The Mad Emperor of the Aegis Empire was unstable and unpopular at the time and many princes and dukes seek to dethrone him. They enlisted the aid of the Tyrant to invade Highbanner, Aegis’ capital, but to some’s dismay the Tyrant set himself up as Emperor.

Below are the Tyrant’s contacts and knowledge of those who have a negative relationship with the Tyrant.


Essentially a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, agents and followers of those Icon, the Questor, the Devourer and the True Empress are the main opposition of the Dragon Tyrant. You are likely to be known among those who opposed the Tyrant, and they tend to be heroic do-gooders (the Questor), agents of the True Empress or even polymorphed young dragons serving the Devourer. They come from all walks of life and profession – see the entries for those Icons and use the contacts section there.

For an ambiguous advantage, the contacts you ‘know’ could be enemies: the Tyrant has many men serving him – the Blackfire Wardens are his elite agents, while his half orcs and hobgoblins led monsters raiding the domains of the True Empress — she still has some left on the mainland. The Tyrant usually works with the Reaver – so a Tyrant agent in town may also shed some light on Reaver activities in the area.


Humanoid Monsters: The Tyrant employs many humanoid kindred as shock troops and raiders, keeping back his dragon riders and human armies and only unleashing them when the front lines have broken. Orcs, half-orcs, goblins, hob-goblins, trolls and even ogres form the bulk of his monster legions, and outlying tribes within the Spellblighted Lands, the Greymourning Wastes and others are friendly towards the Tyrant. You have cross paths with many of those before , and you are familiar with those creatures.

The Blackfire Wardens: The Tyrant’s elite group of agents, the opposite of the Empress’ Guard, they answer directly to the Inner Sanctum, a group of powerful dukes and princes who solidify the Tyrant’s reign (and hence, their hold on political power) within Aegis. As someone who has constantly oppose the Tyrant, you are familiar with the Wardens and their shadowy masterminds. This also gives you insight into the political process of the Dragon Tyrant.

Domains: The Dragon Tyrant used to rule the plains, now he rules the cities and towns of Aegis. You have been there before (how else would you have run afoul of him?), so getting in and out of regions under his control is something you have experience with.


For the Dragon Tyrant, brute strength and raw power wins the day, and his favourite elements is fire and ice. Familiarity with the Dragon Tyrant also means you have many run-in with his monster legions, so your Feats of Valour may target the weak points of those monsters. Do you know that an Orc actually has a backup heart?

Dragon Tyrant

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