The Keystone, when used in combination with a Teleportation Portal, allows one to access the Lorekeeper’s stronghold, now only known as Fardenstal, or the Towers of High Lore. When the Lorekeepers were persecuted during the Reign of the Mad Emperor (incidentally, the Last Emperor of Aegis), the 5 Gatekeepers decided to dismantle the Keystone to prevent the Mad Emperor from getting his hand on them. For the past hundred odd years, the Keystone had been in 5 pieces.

Each of the fragment is black in appearance and smooth the touch. Beneath it’s surface, there seems to be an inscription “floating” about, as if one is viewing it through a layer of ice or water. It is not clear what the fragments are made off.

The fragments of the Keystone allows one to detect when the other is nearby, but the detection radius is at most a few feet away.

Owners of the Keystone Fragments
One piece was found at Lorehaven, and it is passed to the party
Jamar the Sanjori holds one piece and offer to turn it over, but he was murdered by Riss
Petros Lorrior knows the location of the third piece, but says retrieving it will be difficult. He died before the party could arrive. See Adventure Log.


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