The world is full of secrets and knowledge. While some, if applied correctly, are useful and beneficial, many would bring ruin and destruction. Lorehaven is created to safeguard the world from arcane secrets that would bring empires and kingdoms to their knees.

Lorehaven is not just a single entity – it is an organization, divided into various departments. A Council known as the Keepers meet in a Coven to decide on the course and policy of Lorehaven. However, there are rumours that the Keepers are just a cover-up for a sentinel library or a knowledge-spirit. Whatever the truth is, it is a secret that Lorehaven jealously guard.


People from all walks of life make up the ranks of Lorehaven. Usually, one would associate archivists, scribes, scholars and mages to form the bulk of the organization. That is true, but considering Lorehaven to be “just the librarian” type is a serious misunderstanding – and a understatement.

There are many departments within Lorehaven, each formed for a specific purpose. The Watchers constantly monitor the wards that the Artifcer and the previous Archmage has built, watching out for signs of illegal magic. The Archivists note down information the Watchers gathered, and tracked the whereabouts of known aritfacts and arcane societies, and store away various secrets brought back to Lorehaven. The Seekers are the Lorehaven’s retrieval team – if a particularly dangerous artifact is out there in the hand of the wrong people, the Seekers will set out to seize the artifact. Finally, there is the Warden, who guards the many vaults of Lorehaven to deter those who would want to sink their hands (or talons, or fangs) into the juicy secrets hidden in its libraries and warehouses.

Enemies: Lorehaven has a lot of enemies – and a significant portion isn’t even the nefarious types. Some wizards see Lorehaven as an interfering nag, poking their noses into the slightest exciting discovery unearthed. Some temples have their relics taken away for ‘safe-keeping’, for purposes no clearer than “It’s too dangerous for the mass to use its power.” Of course, villainous icons are the fiercest enemies of Lorehaven. The chief of those is the Queen in Crimson, who had many of her vile artifacts sealed away, or destroyed outright. The Reaver and Merchant Prince would love to retrieve some of the rituals Lorehaven have locked away, but while the former steal, the latter would try to bribe.

Relationship with the True Empress: A faction within Lorehaven is sympathetic towards the True Empress, for the sole reason that her bloodline is the anchor for many powerful warding rituals. Known as the “Agents of the Aegis”, they strive at all cost to help the current ruler of the Aegis Empire – at least those descended from the First Emperor. This policy has drawn flake, for when the Mad Emperor ruled, the Agents failed to come to a decision quickly as to how to deal with the crisis. Some Lorekeepers regarded the Agents’ delay to stop the Mad Emperor’s insane quest for arcane domination as betrayal.

Lore, Skill and Knowledge

The libraries of Lorehaven holds countless tomes of knowledge, pertaining to many subjects but in particular to the expertise of wizardry. However, besides that, Lorehaven is also a nexus within the Otherspace -a plane between reality and the astral plane, or sometimes known as prosaic reality. There in the Otherspace, those who are adept in its way could find shortcuts between two cities, create pocket dimensions and more besides. However, affiliation with Lorehaven only grant you knowledge – but not the ability to traverse the Otherspace, for those who could are rare and few.

As Lorehaven is an academic institution, relationship with Lorehaven also involves a understanding of the academic lifestyle. The relentless testing, the pressure to publish, the drive to create and discover, and the incredible bureaucracy maintained by the Archivists and the Scribes that breathed down on everybody.


Those who studied magic with Lorehaven, or have see it being wielded, know that their wizards emphasis the importance of knowing your enemy – in particular, how their spells work, and their weak spots. This gives an advantage when identifying enemy’s spells, how their artifacts or devices work, or what’s the best way to overcome an enemy defense.

Despite Lorehaven usually perceived as ‘just wizards’, their Seekers and Wardens have formidable martial prowess too. Seekers, even for those who are not wizards, can intuit magical auras and knows the best way to disrupt spell-casting, avoid incoming magical attacks (physical and mental) and have tricks that can hamper spellcasters. Wardens, on the other hand, are resilient against status effects.


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