Queen in Crimson

Master Temptress, Diabloist of the Damned, Conjurer of Chaos – the Queen in Crimson is a powerful witch-queen who commands over the Infernal Powers, Necromancy, and sanity-rending Chaos Magic. She seeks to corrupt the world so that her masters, the Old Ones, may walk the world once more, and all be thralls unto them.


The Queen’s cult permeates all over – villages, towns and cities, none are spared her influence. She suggests an easy shortcut to success and power – at the price of either your soul, or your sanity – and sometimes both. Regardless of status or position, all are subjected to her allure.

You know of three groups of people – those who hunt her cult, those who has succumbed and those who have returned from the brink of the abyss.

The hunters of her cult tend to be allies of the Questor, the Fey Lady, the Wandering Wizard, and most notably, Lorehaven (which considers the Queen to be the biggest threat nowadays). You may know of those hunters from the days of your conflict with the Queen.

The Queen’s Cultists, however, usually keep a low profile – for as long as they could. When their sanity finally snaps, or their soul is completely darkened, they become dangerous. Usually, whatever boons they receive from the Queen improves their natural capabilities. A Fighter has supernal reaction and strength, a Wizard has access to more spells more often and so on. They end up as hermits, cult leaders or ‘evangelist’ who wanders about and spread the corruption of the Queen. An ambiguous advantage may put you on the trail of such people. Note that those are still individuals, and often can be bargained with, persuaded or parley with.

Finally, there are the victims of the Cult’s activities. You may know of them when you somehow forged a relationship with the Queen. They try to pick up the pieces and go on with life as best as they could, and could be from all sorts of life. However, they are unlikely to be successful, happy, or well-to-do. After a run in with the Queen, emerging with pieces of your sanity still intact is a considerable victory.

If you need a list of likely formerly victims that you would know – try soldiers, merchants, craftsman, townfolks and farmers. The upper class have the resources to mend the traumas inflicted by the Cult. The folks mentioned above usually don’t.


You have an understanding of the Infernal, of the Undead and of the Damning Chaos, because of your close association with the Queen. You also have an insight into the workings of the Queen’s Cult, their major locations and the important people.

The Infernal Realms consist of the Abyss, and the Devils that reign there want nothing but to subvert the entirety of creation. When the Gods banished the Devils to the Abyss, they placed the World Ward, keeping the demons at bay. With the Gods gone, the Ward has been failing in places.

The Undead is rumoured to be rule by a Dragon, but whoever it was has gone missing for aeons.

The Damning Chaos is something out of this world. Otherworldly entities and spirits all seek a way to break through into the plane of reality here – either to invade, or to escape from somewhere else. “Chaos” is a term given to them because their actions and behaviours are erratic, and doesn’t follow the usual norms. They are alien all together. The Queen likes to say that humans are the aliens here, and those so-called “alien outsiders” were actually the rulers and masters of this world.

What makes Lorehaven worried about the Damning Chaos, and its brand of magic is that anyone could perform it. Gather the necessary ritual components, and invoke the right name with the right astronomical or weather conditions, and the spell works. Common folks are able to tap into a source of power beyond their ken and many times it backfires – much to the Queen’s delight.


If you ever need to combat the Undead, the Infernal or the Outsiders of the Damning Chaos (“Strangers”, some called them), you can use this relationship to target weak point – or to discover weak points.

Queen in Crimson

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