In the back alleyways beggars whisper of a new overlord among the criminal underworld. He is the Reaver, and his band of pirates, rogues, charlatans and mercenaries now terrorize the poor and those unable to seek the protection of the Law.

The Reaver rules the Thieves’ Guild of many cities, and his pirates, the Black Scourge, preys upon merchant ships. His motivation is wealth, power, and to demonstrate that he is worthy to be named as an Icon. Causing pain and misery because he could matter more to the Reaver than vaults of gold and silver. Vainglory drives the Reaver, and he wouldn’t stop till he has numerous kings in his pockets as well.


The Reaver’s organization includes many thieves, rogues and the unscrupulous sort. While the same can be said for the Beggar King, the Reaver is only interested in using his assets to further his ends. His people does not play nice, and tend to have a streak of cruelty running in them.

Enemies of the Reaver are numerous – the Merchant Prince seeks to free the various merchants from racketeering and extortion, the True Empress has viewed the Reaver Fleet on the Sea of Dawn as a menace, the Judge relentless hunt his people – especially those who has swore to Her service but now serve the Reaver, and the Beggar King is his nemesis, the only true contender of the criminal underworld.

Lore, Skill & Knowledge

Conflicted Relationship: You know the Reaver well enough, and how he organizes his people. Usually, the Reaver’s gangs are not well-organized, but the leadership is. Each gang answers to a Clan, and each clan is usually family-ran. Powerful clans owe numerous gangs, and take the wealth plundered from the poor and innocent and launder them through legitimate business. Besides the way of crime, you also have an understanding into how Clan politics work.

Hostile Relationship: You spend much of your time in conflict with the Reaver, and you are familiar with the way they operate – perhaps you pick up a trick or two from hunting down. You know people in the Clans, but don’t expect them to talk you just because you buy them a drink. They may help you, but only due to the pressing needs of inter-Clan politics.

Common: The Reaver’s gangs include orcs, half-orcs, goblins and such – those monster-kins usually operate in the rural areas, though sometimes half-orcs can be found in the bigger cities. The Reaver, however, is foremost a pirate. His own personal fleet, the Black Scourge, is feared by many merchant fleets and naval powers. There are other fleets out there as well. In your past you may have come into contact with those reavers of the sea too.

As for his methods, the Reaver loves blackmail, and threats. He loves nothing more to demonstrate that his control of your neighbourhood, or your turf, or you county, is absolute. Poison in delivered food, having the local Judge hanged in the town’s gallows, beating a victim in front of the Town Watch (while the Watch literally just watched on) – these are some examples. Some say the Reaver gets more credit for the things he threaten to do than the atrocities he really did commit.


While the Reaver’s mobs are highly undisciplined, his elite agents and pirates are a different methods all together. Using a mixture of herbal mixtures, illegal drugs and obscure alchemy, he has mixed a drug which improves clarity, alacrity, and strength. This burst of physical enhancement is not unlike the Barbarian’s Rage, but the concoction is highly addictive, and if mixed wrongly, harmful to the body as well.

Assassins are a favourite tool of the Reaver too. When he needs to make a statement, the Reaver sends in the berserkers and the mob. When he needs efficient action, though, he’ll send in his elite Shadow Walkers.


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