This campaign takes place in a homebrew setting, covering an expanse of land known as Argandor. Here are the major nations in the region – Aegis, Vjantos, Qitai, Inja and Angwaran – each with its own Icons, intrigues and conflicts. To use a simple equation, the campaign world is 13th Age + Legend (Dragon Warriors’ setting) + Eberron. The Icons are completely different too – the Artificer has usurped the Archmage, for instance. Only human PCs are allowed, and demi-humans are non-existent except for monsters.

Right now the action is centred upon the outlying region of Aegis and Vjantos – the Sojourner’s Road. It is a vital trade route between Aegis and whatever remains of Vjantos, for majority of Vanjtos was destroyed in an incident known as the Skyfell, when thousands of meteors fell upon the capital and the central region of the Vjantos Empire, creating vast tracts of desolation. The road (more properly, it’s a route) cuts through many villages, outposts and places of interest throughout the Desolation.

Arkios is one of the prominent survivor of the Skyfell. It is a city of marvels, with magic fused with technology. It’s the Artificer’s pet city and hence it always have something new going on there. Of course, being one of the largest trade hub of the region also bring its plenty of intrigue, news and strife. Due to its centralized location between Aegis, Whisperdawn, Inja and Qitai, it also house many emissaries of different factions from the different nations, all with their own agenda and causes.

It in this backdrop that this campaign happens, and this is where the struggles between the True Empress and the Dragon Tyrant will take a pivotal turn.


Fate of the True Empress ExtraKun