Sword Sage

The Sword Sage is a wanderer-teacher, one who teaches his charge how to fish, instead of getting the fish for them. Rather than to say the Sage does good, it is more accurate to say he plants seeds of goodness, and wait for them to bloom. While some has no time or patience for his long-suffering plans, the Sage believes that he would have the greatest yield at the end of it all.


The Sword Sage has many allies among the wild frontier, in towns and villages among the Spellblighted Lands, Vjarsa’s Folly, the Greymourning Lands and so on. They are likely to be trained commoners from the lower classes, belonging to working-class profession. In combat, they are about as skilled as a first level Fighter or Monk. The Sword Sage also wanders from monastery to monastery within the Sojourner’s Road – scholars and scribes of those monastic orders do know him. One of those scholars could be in the town or village of where you are.

The Sage has the habit of joining travellers, merchants and pilgrims as companions, so you may have friends among those people.

Enemies: The Sage does not have an official list of enemies – however he tends to raise the irk of the Devourer, the Reaver and the Tyrant.


The Sword Sage is a master of history, philosophy and religion. Those who travel much with him pick up interesting titbits concerning such topics. He is also a walking repository of the weak spots of various human fighting forms. One final thing – the Sage is also an ardent student of the war treatise known as the Records of the Grand Strategist, a work of military maneuvers, formations, deceit in battle and schemes.


The Sword Sage’s art of combat emphasis on observing the enemy, striking at the right place, and reacting before your enemies do. Feats of Valour based on the Sword Sage should revolve around those.

Sword Sage

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