True Empress

Causes: Reclaiming the Aegis Empire, defend the Whisperdawn Rebellion, exert influence over other nations and icons to oppose the Dragon Tyrant

Means: Provide refuge and help to those who seek to flee the Tyrant’s rule, support refugees who are in exile throughout Vjantos (what remains of it), diplomacy with other Icons and nations, infiltrate and maintain spies within Aegis, create resistance movements within Aegis, plot with dukes and kings who are still loyal

Affiliation: Heroic, Neutral Good

The True Empress believes that the Right to Rule also comes with a responsibility to her people. She firmly believes that the Last Emperor lost the throne to the Tyrant not because he was an incapable ruler, but because he did not have the interests of the people he rules at heart. Some said smugly that the Empress is still young and naive, and did not know the cruel ways of politics and ruling. Time would tell.

True Empress

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