An order within Lorehavens dedicated to keeping what’s left of Vjantos and the Sojourner’s Road free of malign arcane influences and wizardry criminals. They consist of specialists in divination magic who scry the land for any major manifestations of magical power. They are formed in response to the Skyfall where significant portions of Vjantos was destroyed in a meteor storm about a 100 years ago.

While petty magic (by game terms, any ritual using a spell below level 5) happens too often for the Watchers to care about, they can key into vast, powerful major rituals quickly. When a ritual of such scale is performed, the Watchers will notify Lorehaven, and they will dispatch agents to investigate. Powerful rituals will often draw the attention of powerful Compass mages and a strike-force of mage-slayers.

However, the Watcher is not omniscient. Their reach do not extend deep into the Frostfell, or the Spellblighted Lands, because of the constant flux of arcane energies there. Powerful sorcerers have also worked around their rituals to prevent it from being noticeably detected by the Watchers.

When the Watchers were at their strength, they have Wardstones placed nearly centres of civilization which aid them in detecting illegal uses of powerful rituals. Now many of those Wardstones have deteriorated, and the Watchers have to scry those areas manually.

Recently, there has been a worrying trend. It has been discovered that Chaos Magic cannot be detected by the traditional means employed by the Watchers.


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