Quick Notes

  • This campaign uses its own set of Icons and is set in a different world from the 13th Age default.
  • Use the Adventure Log to stay updated on the story.

Over 90 years ago, the Last Emperor of the Aegis Empire fell to the armies of the Dragon Tyrant and the forces of treacherous kings and dukes. His only heir escaped south to the Isles of the Whispering Dawn with what remains of the Loyalist Force, and there they raised the banners of the Whisperdawn Rebellion. Many free independent city-states join the Rebellion, and till this day the Rebellion opposes the reign of the Dragon Tyrant over the Aegis Empire.

The campaign begins when the party was sent to Andra, to investigate the whereabouts of a group of Empress’ Guard agents. There, they realized that the Dragon Tyrant has hatched a plot to seize the Nodes of Power that used to belong to the True Empress, to channel their energies into him. The Empress’ Guard deduces that somehow the Tyrant has a list of all the Empress’ former Nodes (of which many are hidden away and their records lost) and charges the party to find the stronghold of the Lorekeepers, a scholarly and arcane order who maintained the list, so that they may search its archives. However, the Lorekeepers dispersed during the reign of the Last Emperor, and they broke the Keystone, the one artifact that allows others to reach their hidden stronghold.

Now the party must retrieve the five fragments of the Keystone to enter the Lorekeeper’s stronghold, to find out where the Nodes are so the agents of True Empress may defend them.

Fate of the True Empress

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