Enforcer of Order, arbiter of the Law, champion of Justice, the Judge rules from Templekeep, and her many agents ensure that the Yellowshrine Treaty is enforced., which was signed by Vjantos, Aegis, Qitai and Injia. Those nations agree to adopt the laws and precepts of the Last Prophet as their own – though additions and amendments are allowed, subjected to the approval of the reigning Judge. Apart of the core tenets of the Law, those nations can govern in anyway they deem fit.

The treaty has strong ramifications throughout the western lands. Gone are the anarchic and sometimes arbitrary laws and trials, replaced with a formal system of courts, jurors, and laws that are more or less common throughout the western nations. It also allows justicars and arbiters to hunt down criminals in any nations under the Yellowshrine Treaty.

It is worth noting that the Judge only cares about civil law – military law and law of successions are still under the domain of each government – though over the years the Judge has influenced them too.


The Judge has three groups of operative serving her will. The first are the Justicars, the constables and policemen. They serve mainly the roles of law enforcement and apprehending those who evade the law. Technically, each nation under the Yellowshrine Treaty are obliged to have a certain number of Justicars trained in Templekeep to be attached to each law enforcement unit. There are some who offer services to the Justicars – usually adventurers, bounty hunters and the such. Those are lumped under the same classification as Justicars.

Second are the Arbiters, who represent the persecution and the persecuted in courts. Unlike Justicars, who are trained in Templekeep and are loyal to the Judge, one can be an Arbiter simply through education, obtainable in any of the Colleges or Universities throughout the nations. As the laws enforced by the Judge laid the framework for the law system of many nations, Arbiters can be trained anywhere, and find employ easily in any nation which signed the Treaty.

High Judges – those who preside over courts, has to swear fealty to the Judge (and this is potent magic by itself), as well as to the rulers of his or her government. They are to be tested and trained in Templekeep, like Justicars.

Finally, there are the Scribes, the administrators, clerks and messengers who keep the legal machine running. They act behind the scene, serving as librarians for Arbiters, mission control for Justicars and helping Templekeep to keep up to date on its progress on enforcing justice and order.

There are many enemies of the Judge — you are likely to come into them or know them if you have a conflicted relationship with her. The Reavers and Beggar Kings, criminals both, usually run afoul of the Judge. The Tyrant desists her meddling in his own Empire, where he seeks to dominate completely, free from the Judges’ influences. Nobles and corrupted merchants hate the fact that they can be judged under the civil laws of the Yellowshrine Treaty.

Lore, Skill & Knowledge

Positive Relationship: You understand how the vast bureaucracy of the Law works, and you have knowledge of how Justifcars operate, how Arbiters work and what the Scribes are responsible for. Detective work, hunting down criminals, investigating, defending others in courts of law and so on – you have picked up snippets of all this knowledge.

Negative/Conflicted Relationship : Boy, you know how to run away from the agents of the Judge, eluding and evading them. You may also know enough of them to impersonate as them.


The Justicars undergo strict martial training, which in particular is deadly to humanoids. As more often than not, a Justicar has to apply non-lethal force to a suspect, you also have knowledge of how to daze, stun or otherwise incapacitate someone without killing them.


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